With a practical approach, the V4 Conference elaborates on how companies make use of behavioural economics to influence consumers towards a better choice - for the benefit of both parties



Have you ever wondered why you were using Mail on iPhone and Gmail on Android? Do you remember when you were clicking on “I’m a Fan” instead of “Like” on Facebook? Have you ever thought of your mall or local airport’s layout? Do you remember that one time you bought that extra pair of jeans? All these questions have one point in common: behavioural economics.

Behavioural economics refers to all the social, psychological, emotional and cognitive factors that influence economic decisions. The V4 Conference, along with its partners, will dive into the topic and try to figure out how companies can influence consumers towards a better choice; for the benefit of both parties. We will go on a discovery journey to learn more about the intricacies of people’s minds.

We have partnered with top-companies from all industries to tackle the subject and bringing it to life. They will share their expertise and knowledge to CEMSies from V4 countries and beyond.

Participants will discover how our partner use behavioural economics to achieve business goals and better serve their customers through practical and compelling workshops, eye-opening conferences and challenging competitions.

are you ready to dive in people's minds?

Join us on our discovery journey!